K-Instructor, is an App created by and for teachers, instructors, tutors, trainers, … professionals like you who are dedicated to teaching in different themes (Dance, Music, Theater, Sports, Cooking, Languages, Fitness, Computers, Review classes, Making things, …) .

Are you tired of manually managing income collection from your students?
Would you like to know which student is current on payments?
Would you like to have a record of income from your students?
Would you like to know how many students you have at all times, per class or group, per days or overall?
Would you like to see graphically the evolution of your income by months and years?
Would you like to see graphically which classes or groups brings you more revenue?
and more …

Then, this is the App you expected. Easy and intuitive. Simply create your groups or classes, create or import your contacts from the phonebook or facebook and assign them to the proper group / class, define your weekly schedule and start recording your income / payments easily.

By now, it is only available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We are working to offer it in other languages in future releases.







And the best, it is completely FREE.

Available at: